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Q&A: 1 Day Tour: Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City
Asked by Rasa Date Added:
Question: I would like to join a group tomorrow. I'm traveling by myself but don't need a private tour, It's 10 hour layover
For the 1 Day Tour: Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City -:
Our bus tour starts at around 7:30am and finish at around 6pm and cannot pick-up/drop-off from the airport directly, so please be sure that you are available for the tour?
Or you can think about Private Tours, and we need your arrival/departure time for checking.
Asked by Jenny Date Added:
Question: Can we join your share group tour? Because we are only 2 persons. We need to have 1 day tour to Great Wall, Bird nest stadium, Forbidden city, Tian An Men Square and Heavenly Temple. How much is it? Is the price including tips for Chinese local tour guide or English speaking tou guide and also pick up and drop back to Hotel we stay? We prefer joining your share group tour, we have already reserved our stay at Novotel Beijing Peace on May 3-5 at No.3 Jinyu Hutong, Beijing 100006 China
Asked by Robyn Date Added:
Question: Hello, We will arrive at 5.15am on Saturday 16 September. We will need to get a visa exemption at the airport. Then we would like to be picked up at the airport and taken to join your coach tour. Is this possible? Is it possible for you to take us back to the airport after the tour? Would this cost another $18 each? Thank you.


According to your time schedule, it's better to arrange a Private Tour Package for you with round-trip airport transfer

1 Day Tour: Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City

Private Tour, you are 2 person: 730CNY ($107) Per Person

Tour Info:

Please have a look and let us know if you have any qusetions about the tour.



Asked by Claire Date Added:
Question: I am looking at a private tour for layover time at Beijing airport. I arrive to PEK at 10.15am and depart at 20.45pm on same day (saturday),I would like to visit the great Wall, forbidden city, tiananmen square, and possibly fit in a traditional Beijing duck dinner. Do you think this is possible to do in the Time frame? No shopping or additional stops required,If not possible, please advise the best option. The great Wall is a must see,Please can you let me know how much each option would cost? See above,thank you
Asked by shimon Date Added:
Question: hello we are 4 + a four year old,we want a private or small group to the forbiden city and great wall,pick up at the hotel
Dear shimon,

Tour Overview

 Duration: 1 Day (Starts from 7:30-8:00 am, finishes around 5:00-6:00 pm).
 Tour Type: Private Tour or Small Group Tour (6-10 persons)
 Departure: Everyday.

Tour Itinerary

Our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel, then drive to the famous Badaling Great Wall, which is one of the most magnificent sections of the Great Wall. whoever come to China would visit it. It was built as an ancient military defense project which was actually worked in the history.It is about 1.5 hour driving from Beijing downtown. Go hiking on the Badaling Great Wall for 2-3 hours.
(Optionalyou can also choose cable car to reach the top of great wall.)
Visit scenic spots:
Badaling Geat Wall, Badaling fortress, beacon-towers, "looking-toward beijing stone", etc.

After lunch, we will visit Tiananmen Square, one of the largest city squares in the world. whose name literally means “Gate of Heavenly Peace”. The square witnessed the foundation of the People’s Republic of China and several important events in Chinese history. and Forbidden City (the imperial palace of Ming and Qing dynasty),which was built 600 years ago and has played an important role in Chinese history. It was the imperial palace of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty from Emperor Yongle. This palace is an example of ancient Chinese architecture.

Coach Tour (small group bus tour), : $59 (400CNY) per person
Private Tour (you have 4 people), : $66 (450CNY) per person
Tour price includes: Tour price excludes:
 Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.  Cable car of the Great Wall.
 Air-conditioned car, van or bus. Click here for vehicle mode.  Tips for the tour guide and driver.
 Entrance tickets of the attractions as listed.  Transfer from(to) airport or hotels in airport area.
 English-speaking tour guide.  
 Typical Chinese lunch.  
Child taller than 1.1 meter will be charged full price, child smaller than 1.1 meter will be charged half price.
if you child smaller than 1.1 meter, the cost is half price.
please tell us your name, passport no. and hotel information so that we can confirm you.
Asked by Renu Date Added:
Question: Bus tour, ,Pick from hotel novotel Beijing on 15th apr


Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look.

1 Day Tour: Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City

Coach Tour (small group bus tour), : $59 (400CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:


Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about the tour.

If you want to book it, please send me your name and passport number and the hotel phone number so that I can arrange and confirm you.


Asked by JL Date Added:
Question: Would like to join tour to the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square,Will arrive at the airport at 6:15am on Sunday and will depart at 7:10pm. Is it possible to join a tour on this day from the airport and return to the airport within those hours?

Dear JL,

Thank you for your email to Chiantour.Net

Yes, it is impossible to take private tour on this day from the airport and return to the airport within those hours, and the quotation is Private Tour (you are 1 person), : 810CNY + 200CNY +200CNY = 1210CNY($180).

Asked by James Date Added:
Question: We wish to arrange private tour for group of 5 on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Pick-up / return to hotel (listed below),Desire is to visit the Great Wall, Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City,Our group will be in Beijing at the following address:,The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing,10 N Dong San Huan Rd,Beijing, 100125,CN,10-6590-5566
Dear James,
, and we can arrange 1 day tour for Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden city, and the tour fee is 410CNY about 60USD per person, and we can pick you up from the hotel without problem.
Tour price includes: Tour price excludes:
 Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.  Tips for the tour guide and driver.
 Air-conditioned car, van or bus. Click here for vehicle mode.  Transfer from(to) airport or hotels in airport area.
 Entrance tickets of the attractions as listed.  
 English-speaking tour guide.  
 Typical Chinese lunch.

For Private Tour:
- More flexible and time saving. No need to wait for other tourists from different hotel, no need to travel with strangers.
- Allow you to customize your own tour itinerary. A designated car and a private tour guide will be at your service.
-One shopping stop for private tour: Silk.

Asked by Tabitha Date Added:
Question: Private tour,We will be arriving from Shanghai via bullet train on May 7th evening. We would like to see the Golden mask show, and also visit the Great wall, Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, and other important attractions. I will also be interested in a traditional peking duck dinner. We will be available all of May 8th for tour as well. Could you please form an itinerary and give me total cost. Thank you
Dear Tabitha,
Could you change your date for Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden city tour?
Forbidden city is closed on every Monday, and May 8 is Monday, so you can change another sightseeing or change the date.
In addition, the Gold Mask Show is started on 17:30pm, so your arrival time is too late.
For Peking roast duck dinner, it is no problem, and we can arrange it every at Quanjude Roast duck restaurant.
Please take a look and reply me. thanks.
Asked by Chandrathas Date Added:
Question: Hi I want to know which one is cheaper coach tour or private tour for 8 people? Then we would like to visit Mutianyu great wall Tian amnesty square and forbidden city instead of baddling wall,How much does it cost? Can you tell me the price for toboggan and cable car please? My phone number is 44 7550686485
Dear Chandrathas,
, and if you have 8 persons, you can take a private tour instead of coach tour, and it is cheaper and we can change Mutianyu Great Wll instead of Badaling Great Wall.
The private tour fee is 350CNY about 51USD per person.
The toboggan fee is 200CNY about 29USD per person.
Please consider and reply me sooner.
Have a nice day.
Asked by Anna Date Added:
Question: I would like to know both options,We have 20 hours layover - arriving at 6.20 in the morning on April 7th and leaving at 2.50 am on April 8th. We would like to visit The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. What else would be possible to see during this time? hotel needed. Only pick up from the airport
Dear Anna,
, and we can offer two options for you as below.
1, if you take coach tour, you need take a taxi to a hotel in the city center to get on the bus, but the pickup time is around 7:00am, so I don't think that you have enough time to catch this tour, and if you can catch it, the coach tour fee is 400CNY about 59USD per person.
2, if you take a private tour, we can arrange the airport pickup service for you, and the total tour fee is 700CNY about 103USD per person, and after the tour, we can arrange a evening show or drop you off at Wangfujing area, and you can have a good dinner, walk around the street and then take a taxi to the airport.
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1 Day Tour: Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City
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