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Q&A: 16 day tour Tibet Mt. Kailash Adventure
Asked by LI** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Hi, This is Lisa from HK. I am interested in the 16-day Mt. Kailash Tour. Would like to check with you if there's any tour open in Sept 2017? And how much is the package price? By the way, since I am a permanent HK resident, which I carry HK ID. card & Home Return Permit (i.e. Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents). Last time my travel agent applied the permit for travelling the Everest Base Camp, will you be helping to applying the permit for me this time? And do I need to apply any permits if travelling & trekking around Mt. Kailash? Please let me know,I have been to the Potala Palace, Drepung Gompa & Sera Monastary previously. Any chance if I can skip those itineary and start by joining the trip starting from Yamdroke Lake (Shigatse) and all the rest. Will there be any price difference? I shall arrange air ticket on my own. (I will fly from HK - Chengdu to Lhasa) I shall join your group tour by the time when I arrive Lhasa, and shall stay at all accomodations that you arranged accordingly,My estimated budget for this tour will be approx. CNY12,000
Thanks for your attention on
We are sorry that we have no group tour for Tibet, and we just can arrange private tour including vehicle and English speaking guide or Chinese speaking guide, and if you can take a private tour from us, we also can arrange Tibet permit for you.
The private tour fee must be higher than group tour, so if you have a budget for this tour, you have to search group tour package from another agency.
Sorry again.
Asked by DHANYE** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Is the package included the hotel accommodation & food etc,Budget Hotel
We can arrange this 16 days Tibet tour with accommodation and food for you, but the tour fee is depending on your hotel budget. On the website, we shows 735USD per person, and it is not the final price, because you just have 2 persons, and the tour fee will be much higher than 735USD per person, so please let me know your budget for this trip if possible.
Await your reply sooner.
Asked by Vin** Date Added:
Question: I want to cover the tour package from Mumbai-India
, and we just can arrange the domestic flight and tour from Lhasa, so you need make a schedule from your country to a city in China.
By the way, what's your hotel budget for entire trip? 5 star, 4 star or 3 star?
We can arrange Tibet permit for you, and you need confirm the trip 30 days in advance, because we need time to apply for the permit for you.
Await your reply sooner.
Asked by Chandraka** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,I want to come from India, Mumbai. How about Visa arrangements. What will be your food arrangements hotel arrangements and luggage arrangements,Mumbai to Kolkata by Flight. Kolkata to Lhasa by Flight. From Lhasa your Mt. Kailash tour
You will apply for Chinese Visa by yourself, then we arrange the Tibet Tours for you with pick-up and drop-off from Lhasa. 
If you arrive in Lhasa on August 16, 2017, then the tour will be finished on August 31, 2016. Is the time schedule OK for you?
We will arrange the transport and hotel for you, what is your hotel budget?
You may let us know so that we can check and offer you tour package and price.
Asked by ** Date Added:
Question: an you tel me the price of a tour from beijing to katmandu ? Im looking for a travel including all fares hotels and permits. Something for like a month of traveling with you. If this is not possible then please advice me whet to do. Kind regards
Asked by gracie** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,i would like to take the trip in august, is there any tour i could join?could you send me the prices,also i would like to take the train from beijing , could you arrange my ticket
Asked by jit** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:

Hi jitin,

Any tour plan do you have to China? Please let us know here.

Asked by Alex** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Does accommodation include meals ? W e have not any plans , because we know nothing about Tibet , ,special inquiry . If your program include 3 star hotel it is OK , if 4 it is fine

For the 16 days tour Tibet Mt. Kailash Adventure tours, we could just arrange Private Tour Packages for you and price with 3 star hotel, English speaking tour guide, entrance fees and local transport will cost you around US$4500 Per Person. Is it within your budget? Or would you like to shorten your tour to Lhasa only?

Asked by Aar** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,We have travel permits for Kailash leaving from Kathmandu, but the road to Tibet is now closed from landslide. If we can change our flight to arrive in Lhasa on Aug. 12 or 13, can you arrange for your 16-day Kailash tour? What would be the cost per person, including hotel in Lhasa? Thank you!, We will need a hotel in Lhasa, one single room, and one double room (two beds). 3-star is fine

Thanks for your attention on, but we cannot get the tibet permit within so short time, and your permit doesn't work for our agency, because we should arrange the flight from the city in China to Lhasa.

Sorry for this helpless.

Asked by Le** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Do you have any fixed departures for the 16-day Tibet Mt. Kailash Adventure tour? We don't have specific travel plans other than what is shown on the 16-day itinerary. Is the price really $820 per person??

Thanks for your attention on, but this 16 days Lhasa trip has no exact price at present, and we need do that with local partners.

If you don't mind to join a group, I can arrange a 8-day Lhasa and Everest Base Camp group toiur for you with others, and the tour fee is 7100CNY about 1155USD per person excluding the flight to/from Lhasa.

Asked by JU** Date Added:
Question: What is the total price for one person including single room suplement? Do you need us book hotel or flight in the destination city? Which hotel? 3 star or 4,5 star hotel? your target price and requirement?

Nice to hearing from you again, and there is only private tour available for this 16 days Tibet trip, and the tour fee is more than 40000CNY about 6666USD for solo trip including 3 star hotel.

Wold you like to try to book this trip?

Asked by Serg** Date Added:
Question: Hello, I'm interested in a 16 day tour Tibet Mt. Kailash Adventure for 2 people,Please advise about specific dates in late August or early September this tour is available,What is the total cost of the tour for 2 people? Is transportation, accommodation, meals are included in price? What are additional expenses excluded from the tour price? Thanks

Hello Sergii,

For the 16 days tour to Tibet Mt. Kailash Adventure, we just have Private Tour available, so it is available everyday. And if you are 2 person, then we can arrange budget 3 star hotel package during the whole tour with internal transportation, and it will cost you around US$3800 Per Person. If you think it fine, please reply me so that I can go ahead to send you exact tour itinerary and price.

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16 day tour Tibet Mt. Kailash Adventure
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