1 Day Lijiang Ancient Culture Tour
  • Amble around the splendid Black Dragon Pool to kick start your travel bug.
  • Explore the unique Naxi ethnic culture by visiting Dongba Culture Museum.
  • Savor the ravishing beauty of the splendid Yuhu Lake situated close to the tranquil Yuhu Village.
  • Visit the former residence of the explorer Joseph Rock who’d devoted his whole life to the spellbinding region.
  • Gain an insight into the culture and history of Naxi people by visiting the Baisha Village.
  • Explore the exquisite Baisha Mural to glance at the ancient life of local people.
  • Visit the charming Yufeng Lamasery to appreciate the gorgeous camellia.

  From 8:00 am to around. 5:00 pm
  One-day coach tour
  Depart everyday
Itinerary Summary

Route: Ganhaizi Meadow - Glacial Park - Baisha Murals and Baisha Villiage - Yufeng Lamasery

Start your journey by taking a stroll around the splendid Black Dragon Pool, visit Dongba Culture Museum to explore the unique Naxi ethnic culture, enjoy a retreat from urban bustling in the peaceful and gorgeous Yuhu Village, visit the former residence of the explorer Joseph Rock to trace his life course in Yunnan, visit Baisha Village to gain an insight into the culture and history of Naxi people, explore the exquisite Baisha Mural to learn about the spiritual pursuit and daily life of ancient people, visit the charming Yufeng Lamasery to appreciate the gorgeous camellia.

   8:00 am to lunch

You’ll be picked up from your hotel and chauffeured to the picturesque Black Dragon Pool with the towering Jade Dragon Mountain as its backdrop, then pay a visit to Dongba Culture Museum to explore the rich Naxi minority culture. Next up, you’ll be delivered to Yuhu Village, which is an ideal place for a relaxing getaway from the bustling Lijiang Ancient Town. The village is a primitive and peaceful village inhabited by Naxi people where time has almost stood still. It holds a unique allure with its traditional Naxi lifestyle and its ancient houses entirely constructed with a rare type of stones. After taking only 10 minutes’ walk from the village, you’ll be amazed by the ravishing beauty of the Yuhu lake, which has shimmering blue water and a backdrop of the immense Jade Dragon Snow Mountain miles away. You’ll then visit the former residence of the Austrian-American explorer and botanist Joseph Rock, who was among those first groups of westerns that had been intoxicated by the beauty of Lijiang and had lived there for decades.

Black Dragon Pool

Yuhu Lake, Yuhu Village

   lunch to 5:00 pm

After savoring local delicacies for lunch, you’ll be delivered to the Baisha Village to have a taste of its ancient charm. Baisha Village is named after the signature white sands abound in the area and is located 16 km to the northwest of Lijiang Ancient Town. It’s the earliest settlement of the Naxi people and houses a myriad of cultural relics and ancient buildings. One site that is well worth seeking out there is the exquisite Baisha Mural created 600 years ago, which consists of paintings representing the first-class craftsmanship at that time and reflecting the spiritual pursuit and mundane life of Naxi people in ancient times. Not only does it stand out as a rare treasure of art, but it also serves as an important source of information for research on national religions, arts and history. After that, you’ll be chauffeured to the charming Yufeng Lamasery situated at the south foot of the mountain. The design of the place is an artful combination of the architectural styles of Han Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and the local Naxi Dongba Religion. Apart from its architectural splendor and religious significance, the temple largely owns its charm to the stunning carpet of camellia and lush greenery. You’ll be submerged in an ocean of blooming camellia if you visit the temple in spring and summer.

At the end of the journey, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel.

Baisha Village

Baisha Mural/p>

Yufeng Lamasery

 Price Including
  • Skilled English-speaking guide.
  • Air-conditioned vehicle with skilled driver.
  • Lunch.
  • Entrance tickets.
  • Travel agency insurance.

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