14 Days Lhasa to Eastern Tibet Tour

Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa. (L, D)
The guide will meet you at Konggar Airport or train station, and transfer you to Lhasa city. On the way, you'll get greeted by Nie Tang Budda,  a Budda image engraved in the mountain face. After arrive in Lhasa, rest and acclimatize overnight in Lhasa.

Day 2: Lhasa city sightseeing. (B, L, D)
Full day city tour of ThePotala Palace, The Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street. Overnight in Lhasa
- The Potala Palace: The most imposing attraction in Lhasa. One of architectural wonders of the world contains 13 storeys tall and thousands of rooms.We kindly suggest you take taxi to the top of the palace which costs about 10 and then walk down after your visiting.
- The Jokhang Temple: It is 1300 years old and is one of Tibet's holiest shrines. It was built to commemorate the marriage of the the Tang princess Wencheng to King Songtsen Gampo, and houses a pure gold statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni brought to Tibet by the princess.
- Barkhor Street: It is essentially a pilgrim circuit that proceeds clockwise around the periphery of the Jokhang Temple. It is also a hive of market activity, an astounding pilgrim jamboree, and a wonderful introduction to Tibet.

Day 3 Lhasa city sightseeing. (B, L, D)
Full day trip to Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Norbulingka, The Carpet Factory.
-Drepung Monastery: Drepung Monastery lies in west of Lhasa under Mt. Gambo Utse, clustered round by the black mountain, its white grand buildings shining under the sunlight. Built in 1416, it is considered as one of the largest monasteries in the six principle monasteries of Gelu Sect in China. Drepung Monastery used to be the living palace of Dalai Lamas before the reconstruction of Potala palace(after the 5th Dalai Lamas was bestowed by Qing emperor Qianlong).
-Sera Monastery: It is known as one of the three greatest monasteries of Tibet. As one of the three main monasteries of Lhasa, it is here that the monks "famous daily debates"take place.
-Norbulingka: Norbulingka means "Jeweled Garden". It was constructed as a summer palace for the Dalai Lama and later served the whole governmental administration.
-The Carpet Factory: The highland of Tibet is the actual home of the oriental carpets. By visiting Carpet Factory you will have a general idea how carpets are produced.

Day 4 Lhasa / Basum-Tso / Bayi (B, L, D)
After breakfast, drive from Lhasa to Nyingchi. On the way you will cross over Mila Pass, enjoy the scenery along the Ninyang River. Afternoon drive to visit Basum-Tso. The lake and its surrounding views are beautiful and the site is also connected to the semi-mythical ruler of the Kham region and Guru Rinpoche. The joint board floating bridge is the only way to the Tsodzong island and visit the Tsodzong Monatery amid trees, most probably the highest attraction of this site. Then retrace the way to the Highway that joins at Pahe village and continuous drive 79km further to Bayi. Overnight in Bayi Shangbala Hotel.

Day 5 Bayi / Cypresses Park / Lunang Forest / Pomi (B L D)
Today you will visit Cypresses Park and then drive to Pomi. Overnight at Pomi.

Day 6 Pomi / Rawu lake / Pasho
The way from Pomi to Pasho, you will visit the beautiful lake Rawu lake, see glaciers, snow-capped mountains, forests, local villages. Overnight at Pasho.

Day 7 Pasho / Pomda grasslands / Chamdo
Today we drive to Chamdo, along the way, we can enjoy characteristic scenery on the snowy plateau. the highland pastures, flocks of sheep guarded by a Tibetan mastiff and their master's tent in the distance.

Day 8 Chamdo / Jampaling Monastery / Riwoche
Chamdo is the the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of the Kham region. In the morning visit Jampaling Monastery on the hilltop, do pilgrimage circumambulation. Then drive to Riwoche, cross over the Zholpel La pass(4688m), this part of the road is recently built but still in a fair condition. Overnight at Riwoche.

Day 9 Riwoche / Riwoche Monastery / Tengchen
Morning visit Riwoche Monastery, Tsuglhakhang, then drive on a rough road to Tengchen. Tengchen is the center of the Bon-Religion, which is a primitive religion based on ancient witchcraft, they worship to god and ghost. Bon-Religion was spread through the whole Tibet before the Buddhism was introduced into Tibetan area. Visit Tengchen and Ritro Chakhang Monastery. Overnight at local best hotel.

Day 10 Tengchen /Sok
After master Tsuri La Pass(4200m) and Shel La Pass (4750m) we arrive at Bachen, and continue about 30km you will reach Sok. Sok means Mongolia in Tibetan. Overnight at Sok.

Day 11 Sok / Nakchu
Morning drive to Sok Tsanden Zhol village, visit Nyimpa sect monastery Sok Tsanden Gompa(sometimes it is impossible to visit this monastery). After that cross over two passes and reach the city of Shakchuka. Then another 100km with two passes, you will reach Nakqu. Overnight at Qiangtang Telecom Hotel.

Day 12 Nakchu / Namtso Lake
Morning drive on the vast Qiangtang grassland to Namtso,the northern grassland is homeland for the nomads and herds of domastic animals are can be seen along the road, short and cosy black tents are scattered throughout the plain, then from Damshong after crossing the 5150m high Nagenla pass you see the first view of Namtso Chukmo Lake. Afternoon free walking around the Tashi Do Peninsula. Tashi dor Monastery. Overnight at Namtso tent guest house.

Day 13 Namtso / Yangpachen hot-spring / Lhasa
Morning after the sunrise at Namtso, start drive back to Lhasa, en route stop at Yangpachen for hot-spring, newly built hotspring swiming poll is good for get relief by soaking in it.Overnight at Lhasa.

Day 14 Lhasa airport /train station send-off (B)
Morning Lhasa airport or train station dropping off, the time come to say your farewells to your guide and driver, end the trip.

14 Days Lhasa to Eastern Tibet Tour pictures 14 Days Lhasa to Eastern Tibet Tour pictures 14 Days Lhasa to Eastern Tibet Tour pictures
14 Days Lhasa to Eastern Tibet Tour pictures 14 Days Lhasa to Eastern Tibet Tour pictures
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