6 Days Dali - Lijiang Cultural Trip via Kunming

6 Days Dali - Lijiang Cultural Trip via Kunming
  • Overlook most gorgeous Attractions in Yunnan.
  • Visit well-preserved UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site - Lijiang Ancient Town.
  • Experience the South China-style inn in Dali and Lijiang.
  • Experience Yunnan special Foods, including wild mushroom hot pot, eight bowls, and guides will recommend more surprise to you.
  • Enjoy in spectacularity of the lakes and mountains of Yunnan.

 6 Days
 Private Tour
 Depart Everyday
Itinerary Summary

Yunnan is located in the transitional zone between the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the southern Chinese hills. The majestic Snow Mountain and the beauty of South China are coexisting here. It is the province with the most abundant tourism resources in China. Our route has chosen the Chinese young people's favorite, freeing themselves, pursuing fashion needs, and combining the beauty of Yunnan with the new demands of modern people. This tour is more suitable for those who like to explore, like to feel more local details, not a step-by-step tour.

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Day 1:   Arrival in Kunming

You’re recommended to visit Dianchi Lake Dam. Around Dianchi Dam ,you can experience the red-billed gull that winters on the lake. Kunming is not only a transit station, but also a place for Gastronomies gathering. Well, forgive me for being a foodie. Yunnan's bridge rice noodles, fried artichokes may make you fall in love with Kunming.

on the Dam of Dianchi Lake

bridge rice noodles

Travel tips :

  • It is recommended that the flight time arrive early. As a provincial capital, Kunming can find food from all over Yunnan. Yunnan cuisine will not let you down.
  • It is necessary to get on the plateau and adapt to the climate in advance.
  • Bring an umbrella, motion sickness pills, sunscreen (used on the road).

Day 2:   Kunming - Dali


As an aperitif, you’ll be chauffeured to the Stone Forest scenic area located 90 kilometers to the south of Kunming. Due to a process of weathering and erosion, nature has created an art gallery of limestone sculpture there. You’ll be amazed to discover the striking resemblance between the stones there and trees, animals and even fungi. The quintessential karst landscape will make every visitor lost in wonder. Altogether, you’ll explore a variety of bewitching landscapes including the Greater Stone Forest, the Lesser Stone Forest, the Naigu Stone Forest, the Zhiyun Cave, the Long Lake, the Da Dieshui Waterfall and the Qifeng Cave.

In the afternoon, You’ll take a bullet train from Kunming to Dali to explore Dali's natural beauty and its ancient charm. A dinner of wild mushroom hot pot is waiting for you in Dali.

Stone Forest

Wild Mushroom Hot Pot

Day 3:   Dali


After breakfast, you’ll be chauffeured to Erhai to visit the little friend who came from West Siberia - the red-billed gull, and then start an alternative experience on the west bank of the Erhai Lake by taking the cool Convertible jeep.

Jeep Sightseeing

Erhai Cruise

You also have a sparkly time of taking a Cruise ,after the Chinese lunch, to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the Erhai Sea (about 60 minutes), Watching the performance of the Bai Sandao Tea on board.You will also overlook the scenery of the Erhai Lake in the Isle of Nanzhao, put your back and the sea into a same frame.

Your back shadow behind Erhai Lake

Dali Old Town

Continue to the day's itinerary, we will visit the ancient city of Dali. The trip will be finished by the Dinner of specialty snacks "Eight Bowls" and staying at the local special inn.

Day 4:   Dali - Lijiang


Early in the morning, we will visit the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple. If it is sunny, we can see the first sun shining on the three towers, it's so beautiful. The Three Pagodas is another unmissable spot as a typical historical symbol of Yunnan province and one of the oldest sublime architecture in South China.

The Three Pagodas

Enjoy in Lijiang Old City

We’ll head to Lijiang after lunch, the whole road trip will take approximately 3 hours. After that, you’ll be escorted to visit Lijiang Ancient Town. This well-preserved UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site covers an immense area of 1255 square kilometers. Once the habitation of local Naxi people, the place is now crammed with a profusion of fancy restaurants and boutique hotels, yet its enduring allure never fails to fascinate visitors. You can have an exploration of what the stores have to offer at daytime and stroll through its meandering streets when the whole place is lit up by lanterns and neon at night. The city was found on the streets radiating out from the landmark Square Street, which can help you better navigate the maze-like place just in case you get lost in your ambling.

In the evening, we shall stay in the characteristic Naxi Courtyard Inn, after which the guide will recommend local specialties for dinner.

Naxi courtyard inn

Lijiang Ancient Town

Day 5:   Lijiang


In the morning, you’ll be picked up from your Inn in Lijiang by your local guide, who will lead you on a journey to explore the ravishing scenery that the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has to offer.The magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain features a variety of landscapes given its souring height and vast range, and Ganhaizi Meadow located at the east foot of the mountain is the starting point to experience its distinctive beauty. The meadow is blanketed with sweeping grasslands lavishly adored with flowers, shrubs and pine trees. Sitting on an altitude of 2900 meters, it makes an ideal place to take in the full view of the snow-crowned peaks of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Jade Dragon Mountain

Blue Moon Valley

Going west for about 5 kilometers from the Ganhaizi Meadow, you will reach the bottom station of the snow mountain, where the comfortable passenger cable will haul you directly to the bottom of the mountain’s highest peak, which is the area where the Glacier Park locates. With various types of modern glaciers and the remnants of ancient glaciers, the park boasts a collection of the major essence of middle and low-latitude mountain glaciers in the world. The best way to explore the beauty of the glacier cluster is taking a walk along the meandering 300-meter wooden trail.

After that, you’ll be chauffeured to the Blue Moon Valley, its predecessor is the "White River" that people have known before. On a sunny day, the color of the water is blue, and the valley is crescent-shaped. From a distance, it looks like a blue moon is set at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, so it is called Blue Moon Valley.

Blue Moon Valley

Shuhe Old Town

In the afternoon, The pace of Shuhe Ancient Town is quiet and elegant. The key words we are reminding you of are: ancient road copper bell, Shuhe jelly, butter tea... Because of the ancient tea-horse road, the ancient road copper bell has its own memories.

Day 6:  Lijiang departure


You’ll be picked up from the hotel and chauffeured to the airport according to your departure time.

Please Note:

In Lijiang and Dali, the tour guide will recommend local specialties or restaurants for guests' needs for lunch and dinner, and bring guests to the restaurant. The cost of the meal is at the guest’s expense.

 Price Including
  • Private ground transfer along the schedule, and Sight Entrance tickets.
  • Breakfast.
  • Personal English speaking tour guide explain sightseeing along the tour.
  • Hotels accommodation (basis two people sharing one standard room) as listed in the itinerary.
  • All Service Charge and Taxes.
 Price Excluding
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Entry or Exit China International Airfare or train tickets.
  • Visa Fees
  • Personal Expenses

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