Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Together with Beijing, it is one of the most famous cities in China. The following is what you should to do if you want to travel from Beijing to Shanghai.

beijing to shanghai

Step 1: Book a air ticket or train ticket from Beijing to Shanghai.

It is about 1200 kilometers away from Beijing to Shanghai. You can either travel from Beijing to Shanghai by plane or by train.

Beijing to Shanghai by Plane

There are over 60 direct flights flying from Beijing to Shanghai. It usually takes a little more than 2 hours to fly between the two cities. The flights usually take off at Beijing Capital International Airport and land at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or Shanghai Pudong Airport. Discount air tickets are available at most of the time. Book a Flight Ticket

How to get to Beijing Capital International Airport
It is about 25 kilometers from the center of Beijing to Beijing Capital International Airport. Airport Express lines, airport buses, taxis are available.  >>read more
Arriving at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
You can take Subway Line 2 or Subway Line 10 to other places in Shanghai.
Subways, buses, taxis are available at the airport.
Arriving at Shanghai Pudong Airport
Though Pudong Airport is a little faraway from the downtown, it is very convenient to travel between the airport and the downtown. There are maglev trains, subways, airport buses and taxis available.
Maglev Train: Pudong Airport- Longyang Road Metro Station
Operating Hours: Pudong Airport–LongYang Road 7:02- 21:42
LongYang Road–Pudong Airport 6:45- 21:40
Interval: 15mins before 19:02PM; 20mins after 19:02PM
Ticket fare: Single Trip:CNY 50 for Economy,100 for VIP
Round Trip:CNY 80 for Economy,160 for VIP
Subway Line 2
Operating Hours: 6:00-22:00
Interval: 8.5min
Day(5:00-23:00)CNY14 for the first 3km,CNY 2.4 per km after 10km, CNY3.6 per km after 10km.
Night(23:00-5:00) CNY16 for the first 3km, CNY3.1 per km after 3km, CNY4.7 per km after 10km.
Airport Bus
There are different airport bus lines available from Pudong Airport to other places in Shanghai.

Beijing to Shanghai by Train

There are 51 trains travelling from Beijing to Shanghai every day. Most trains start from Beijing South Railway Station and stop at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. It takes only about 5 hours to travel between the two cities by high speed trains. Book a Train Ticket

Price overview
Business Seat 1748CNY
Deluxe Seat 1053CNY
First Class Seat 933CNY
Second Class Seat 553CNY

There are also normal fast trains which take longer hours, ticket prices range from 156.5CNY. These trains will arrive at Shanghai Railway Station.

How to get to Beijing South Railway Station
By subway: Subway Line 4 and Line 14 to Beijing South Subway Station, get off the exit and then walk to the Railway Station.
By Bus: No.20, 53, 63, 102, 106, 122, 203, 208, 377, 381, 454, 458, 485, 692, 741, 927, 939, 943, 958, 986, Te 3, Te 5, Yuntong 102 to Beijing South Railway Station.
By taxi: The cost from midtown Beijing to Beijing South Railway Station is normally around RMB30 depending on the type of taxi.
Arriving at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
You can take Subway Line 2,10 or Bus No.1,5,6,7,8 etc to other places in Shanghai.
We offer a Shanghai Station pick-up service, price range from 390 CNY. We will pick you up at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, then drop you off at your hotel in Shanghai downtown or other places in Shanghai downtown. >>More details
Arriving at Shanghai Railway Station
Metro(Subway) Line 2,3.
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Step 2: Book a hotel in Shanghai.

Shanghai is a big city with many hotels. Price range from $32.Click here to use the Hotel Map Tool to find your ideal hotel in Shanghai. We offer a online hotel booking service with best value. Book a hotel in Shanghai

Step 3: Take a tour in Shanghai.

Shanghai is an international metropolis full of vigor and variety. There are many places to visit in the city, such as Yuyuan Garden, the Bund, Oriental Pearl Television Tower, Xintiandi Old French Concession etc. Tourists who visit Shanghai would also like to visit surrounding cities such as Suzhou and Hangzhou.


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