Xi’an is one of the most famous historical cities and ancient capitals over the world.  Together with Beijing, they are both very popular destinations of China. Many tourists would like to go to Xi’an after visiting Beijing. Therefore, this page will focus on How to Travel from Beijing to Xian.

It will take you 1-5 days to travel in Xian according to your own schedule. The main cost of the trip consists of transportation fee(flight or train), hotel fee, dining expense and tour fee. The following are what you should to do if you want to travel from Beijing to Xian.

beijing to xian

Step 1: Book a flight ticket or train ticket from Beijing to Xian.

Xi’an is the provincial capital of Shaanxi Province. It lies to the southwest of Beijing which is about 1200 kilometers far from Beijing. It takes at least 15 hours to drive from Beijing to Xi’an by car. Therefore, the most convenient way to travel from Beijing to Xi’an is by plane or train.It takes about 2 hours to fly from Beijing to Xi’an. The prices of the flight ticket range from 350CNY.Book a Flight Ticket It takes about 6h if you take a high-speed train, price ranging from 520CNY; normal fast trains 11-15h, price ranging from 150CNY. Book a Train Ticket

◊ Beijing to Xian by Plane
There are about 20 direct flights from different airline companies per day flying from Beijing to Xi’an. It takes about two hours to fly from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport (XIY).

How to get to Beijing Capital International Airport
It is about 25 kilometers from the center of Beijing to Beijing Capital International Airport. Airport Express lines, airport buses, taxis are available.  >>read more
Arriving at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport
Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is about 47km from the center of Xi’an. There are three terminals(T1,T2,T3) in the airport. There are airport buses available between the airport and the downtown.
By bus
Ticket Price 25CNY per person
There are several bus lines from the airport to other places in Xi’an. These places are Bell Tower,Beijing Railway Station, Xigaoxin,The North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda,Xishaomen,Jianguo Hotel, Chanba, Rainbow Hotel.
Click here for more bus details.
Airport pick-up service
We ChinaTour.Net offers airport pick-up and drop-off service; price start from $60. We will pick you up from Xi’an Xianyang Capital International Airport and transfer you to your hotel in Xi’an downtown. Click here for more details.

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◊ Beijing to Xian by Train

There are four train stations in Beijing. Trains from Beijing to Xi’an usually start from Beijng West Railway Station and stop at Xi’an Railway Station or Xi’an North Railway Station. There are two kinds of trains,ie. the normal trains and high-speed trains.
Book a Train Ticket

High-speed Trains
It takes only about 6 hours by high-speed trains from Beijing West Railway Station to Xi’an North Railway Station.
Ticket price overview:
Business Seat 1650CNY
Deluxe Seat 990 CNY
First Class Seat 830 CNY
Second Class Seat 520 CNY

How to get to Beijing West Railway Station
By subway
Take Subway Line 9 and get off at Beijing West Railway Station.
Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Military Museum, then take No.21,99,320 Bus to Beijing West Railway Station.
Arriving at Xi’an North Railway Station
Xi’an North Railway Station is about 12 km away from the center of Xi’an (Bell Tower). It is very convenient to Subway Line 2 to the downtown. 30 min by subway.

Normal Trains
It takes about 11-15 hours by normal trains from Beijing West Railway Station to Xi’an Railway Station.
Ticket price overview:
Deluxe Soft Sleeper 730-820 CNY
Soft Sleeper 390-445 CNY
Hard Sleeper 250-290 CNY
Hard Seat 150 CNY
The above price is only for reference.The specific price varies according to different trains. Contact our trip advisor if you want a specific quatation.

Xi’an Railway Station is in the downtown of Xi’an City. It is close to the famous Bell Tower. Bell Tower is in the center of the city. You can take No.706,201,611,603,251,Y7 Bus from Xi’an Railway Station to Bell Tower, about 30minutes’ drive.

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Step 2: Book a hotel in Xi’an.

3-Star hotel prices range from 188CNY per night.We offer hotel booking service with preferential prices. We have tour packages with hotel, meaning the hotel fee is included in the tour fee and you don’t have to pay extra fees for hotels. Book a hotel in Xian

Step 3: Take a tour in Xi’an.

There are many historical attractions in Xi’an. The famous attractions are Bell Tower, Great Mosque, Ancient City Wall, Terra Cotta Worriors and Horses, Huaqing Hot Spring, Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Huashan Mountain, History Museum, Wild Goose Pagoda etc. You may choose the places you are interested in. Contact us to plan your tour.