Beijing food is famous over the world. Whoever comes to Beijing will have a taste of Beijing Duck. The following is a list of  recommended best Beijing food.

 1. Peking Duck

 Peking Duck  Peking Duck is perhaps the most famous dish of Beijing. People whoever come to Beijing will have a taste of it. Peking Duck is traditionally served with Mandarin pancakes, and green onions for brushing on the hoisin sauce

 2. Chinese Dumplings

 Chinese Dumplings  China has been perfecting the art of dumpling making since the Sung dynasty. Chinese dumplings may be round or crescent-shaped, boiled or pan-fried. The filling may be sweet or savory; vegetarian or filled with meat and vegetables.

 3. Noodles with Soybean Paste

 Noodles with Soybean Paste  Noodles with Soybean Paste(Zha Jiang Mian) is very popular when it comes to traditional Beijing cuisine.
Zha Jiang Mian is consists of three main materials. They are wide hand-tossed noodles, vegetable pieces as well as pork.

 4. Mongolian Hot Pot

 Mongolian Hot Pot  Frozen meat is sliced thinly to prepare it for hot pot cooking. Slicing frozen meat this way causes it to roll up during cooking, and it is often presented as such. Meats used include lamb, beef, chicken, duck, mutton, and others.

 5. Stewed Pork Liver

 Stewed pork liver  The cleaned chitterlings are cut into pieces after being boiled in water. They are then stewed in mushroom soup with garlic sauce, chopped spring onion, chopped ginger and pork liver. Chicken soup and mashed garlic should be added before ready to serve. The soup is a glossy dark red and the pork liver and chitterlings are tender. Chao Gan used to be served with small dumplings, but now there is no particular way to eat it.

 6. Filled Sausage

 Filled sausage  Guan chang, or filled sausage, has been a popular snack in Beijing since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Traditionally, the sausage, a prepared pork intestine, is stuffed with a paste of flour or starch mixed with spices. The sausage is then boiled and cut into cubes or slices to be fried. In some restaurants, minced pork is also used as stuffing. Little bambo

 7. Pea-Flour Cake

 pea flour cake  Pea-Flour Cake, which is made of white pea, is a snack people usually eat in spring. White-pea flour is first mixed with water, cooked over gentle heat and then fried with sugar. After it solidifies, it is cut into rhombohedra-shaped pieces. It has both nice look and nice taste. The best point of it is its fine and smooth texture that melt at the same time when you put it in your mouth.

 8. Sugarcoated Haws on a Stick

 sugarcoated haws on a stick  This food is so popular that it is almost an indispensable part of every Beijinger’s childhood.It was originally made mainly of Chinese hawthorn, but these days there are many different types including yam, orange, chufa, banana, Chinese gooseberry and so on.

 9. Shaqima

 Caramel Treats (shaqima)  Sachima, also called Shaqima is a common Chinese pastry found in many Chinese-speaking regions. Each regional cuisine has its own slightly different variation of this food, though the appearance of all versions is essentially the same.

 10. Sticky rice with sweet fillings (Ai Wo Wo)

 Sticky rice with sweet fillings (Ai Wo Wo)  As white as snow, this delicacy is made of sticky rice. The rice is first steamed then pounded and shaped into a ball. It is then given a filling, which might be sesame and white sugar, pea-flour, jujube paste or some other treat. Flexible in consistency and with a distinctive smooth texture, this dainty snack became a favorite of imperial and noble families during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is said that it came to be called Ai Wo Wo (emperor’s special) because one particular emperor loved it so much.

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