If you are a fan of performance, you cannot miss the Top 5 Beijing Evening Shows. They are not just shows, they are the reflection of Beijing unique culture.

1. Kung fu Show

Kung Fu-Top 5 Beijing Evening Shows Have you ever seen a scene in a Chinese movie that the bad guy was defeated by the hero with Chinese Kung fu? Perhaps you have already heard about Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.  Cast the special effects of the movie not to say, Kung fu has already surprised a lot of people. Kung fu, known as Chinese martial arts, is a series of actions requires energy, power and speed.  A genuine Kung fu show will certainly amaze you.

 2. Acrobatic Show

 Acrobatic Show-Top 5 Beijing Evening Shows Acrobatics have been part of Chinese culture since the Western Han Dynasty, over 2000 years ago. It is a performance based on  the performers’ physical skills to accmplish a series of high degree difficult actions.

 3. Peking Opera

Peking Opera-Top 5 Beijing Evening Shows Peking opera or Beijing opera is a form of traditional Chinese theatre which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics. It is the quintessence of Chinese culture.

 4. Shadow Play

Shadow Play-Top 5 Beijing Evening Shows Shadow play is an ancient form of  storytelling and entertainment which uses flat articulated figures (shadow puppets) to create the impression of moving humans and other three-dimensional objects. The play is very vivid and interesting.

 5. Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony-Top 5 Beijing Evening Shows A tea ceremony is a ritualised form of making tea. Tea ceremony is originated in Tang Dynasty, developed in Song Dynasty, reformed in Ming Dynasty and boomed in Qing Dynasty. Sometimes, a tea ceremoney is combined with Kung fu and it is called Kung fu Tea.

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