Are you looking for some romantic places to go with your love? Here we recommend you the top 10 Beijing romantic places that will give you an unforgettable experience.

1. CCTV Tower

 cctv tower-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places As national 4A Grade Tourist Attraction, the nightscape of the Central Television Tower is grand and elegant, and its magnificence serves as an important part of Beijing’s scenery. Overlooking from the CCTV Tower, you will be charmed by the splendid view as if all the colorful lights in the city shining only for you.With high-power telescope, visitors are treated to a bird’s eye view of the entire city of Beijing from the 238-meter high outdoor observation balcony. >>More

2. The Great Wall

 great wall-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places   What comes to you first when people talk about China? Perhaps the answer is the Great Wall. It is one of the greatest man-made wonders over the world. It was built as an ancient military defense project which has a history of several thousand years. You will feel the whole world is at your foot when standing on the Great Wall. >> More

3. Solana Blue Harbor

 blue harbor-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places  Solana is a European-style shopping center blessed with golden sunshine, a tranquil lake, elegant architecture and romantic pathways. Even if you don’t feel like shopping, this place is quite worthwhile to go to for a taste of exotic flavors and some refreshing natural scenery. >>More

4. Happy Valley

 happy valley-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places  Beijing Happy Valley is an amusement theme park which compare favorably with Disneyland. The park is one of the four theme parks in the brand chain; the other three are located in the city of Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
Beijing Happy Valley is composed of six theme parks, including Firth Forest at the entrance to the park. It also acts as a dividing portal for visitors to enter Atlantis, Ant Kingdom or Aegean Sea areas. >>More

5. Shichahai Area

 shichahai-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places  Houhai Bar Street in Shichahai Scenic Area is the most famous bar area in Beijing. This is the place where tranditional Beijing and western culture hits. For people who like to kill time in bars, it is definitely the ideal choice. >>More

6. Maple Drive-in Cinema

 maple drive-in cinema-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places  Maple Drive-in Cinema has a floor space of 66000 square km and can hold several hundred cars at the same time.  The cinema shows blockbusters from both China and abroad. Isn’t it romantic that you and your love sitting in the car, watching a romantic movie under the shining stars? >>More

7. Fragrant Hills Park

 fragrant hills-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places  Fragrant Hills Park is most famous for the red colored leaves that cover the hillsides in autumn, an event now seemingly fixed in the Beijing calendar. However, with so much to see, XiangShan Park is a wonderful day out throughout the year. >>More

8. Chateau Changyu Afip Global Beijing

 zhangyu-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places  Have you ever wonder about how the wine is made when tasting it? If you are a wine lover, you cannot miss this place. Just like love, wine becomes strong or tasteless as time goes by. This is a good chance to review the love between two of you. Chateau Changyu Afip Global Beijing,this European style chateau will make you feel that you are in a fairy tale. Time is the best yeast to make grapes into wine, and love is in the same case. >>More

9. The Place

 the place-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places  The Place is a comprehensive shopping mall combines shopping, catering,entertainment and other services. However, what makes it different from other malls is the amazing huge screen hang in the air. It is not only a place to shop, but a place to enjoy the life in Beijing. Bring your beloved one here and you two will have fun. >>More

10. Catholic Church (Eastern Church)

 Catholic Church-Top 10 Beijing Romantic Places  Wangfujing Catholic Church, known as the Eastern Church, is located on famous Wangfujing Avenue in Beijing. It was first established in 1655. Originally an apartment for two foreign priests during Emperor Shunzhi’s reign in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the priests subsequently built a small church on the open ground. The church follows the Romanesque style of architecture, with strong pilasters and one high and two low vaults displaying a grandiose architectural style. >>More

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