Usually travelling can’t do without money. The entrance fee of the attractions is an indispensable part of travelling expense. However, the following are some attractions of Beijing that are free of charge. You don’t need to spend a penny but you can enjoy the unique feature of Beijing.

 1. Tian’anmen Square
 tiananmen square  Tian’anmen Square is one of the largest city squares in the world. Its name literally means “Gate of Heavenly Peace”. The square witnessed the foundation of the People’s Republic of China and several important events in Chinese history. Thus, it has a strong emotional connection with Chinese people. It is a great experience to watch the raising of the national flag in the early morning. >>More
 2. Chairman Mao Memorial Hall
 chairman mao memorial hall  Located in Beijing Tian’anmen Square,the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is a place for people to admire and remember the great leader. Since it opened, tens of thousands of visitors from China and abroad have visited Chairman Mao Memorial Hall every day to reverentially pay their respests to and cherish the memory of Chairman Mao. >>More
 3. Beijing Hutong
beijing hutong  Hutongs are a type of narrow streets or alleys formed by lines of siheyuan, tranditional courtyard residences. The Hutongs are not only part of Beijing residences, but also an indispensable part of Beijing culture. It is a unique feature of old Beijing that will absolutely surprise you. The well-known Hutong areas are Shichahai Area and the Southern Gong and Drum Lane. >>More
 4. Shichahai Scenic Area
 shichahai scenic area  Shichahai Scenic Area is a traditional scenic spot with original folk culture and old Beijing feature. From Yuan Dynasty downward, it had been a commercial serving-point for Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal navigation. Pubs, teahouses, eateries and handicrafts’ workshops flourished flanking the lake. >>More
 5. Wangfujing Street
 wangfujing street  Wangfujing Street is now home to around 280 famous Beijing old brands, such as Shengxifu hat store, Tongshenghe shoe shop, and the Wuyutai tea house as well as many international brands. The Wangfujing Snack Street, located in hutongs just west of the main street, is densely packed with restaurants and street food stalls. >>More
 6. Dashilan
 dashilan  The history of Dashilan can date back to 500 years ago. There have been many time honored shops here. As the oldest commerical area of Beijing, it has gone through many ups and downs. Now the area has taken on a new look to welcome the friends from all over the world. >>More
 7. 798 Art Zone
 798 art zone  If you are interested in contemporary Chinese art, 798 Art Zone is the definitely a place you must go. The previous factory plant has become a haven for artists from home and even abroad. Artists gather here to open galleries, art studios and cafes, and hold all kinds art events, making the area the most resounding name in the artistic circle. >> More
 8. Silk Street
 silk street  Silk Street is a shopping center in Beijing that accommodates over 1,700 retail vendors, notorious among international tourists for their wide selection of counterfeit designer brand apparels. >>More
 9. Sanlitun Village
 sanlitun village  Sanlitun Village has been under almost constant regeneration since the late 20th century as part of a city-wide project of economic regrowth. It currently houses many bars and clubs popular with both expatriates and locals as well as international brand-name stores such as American Apparel, Apple Inc. and Adidas. It is notable for housing the largest Adidas store in the world. In recent years, the Village shopping mall has become a popular destination for both expatriates and young Chinese. >>More
 10. Capital Museum
 capital museum  The architectural design concept of the Capital Museum is “to take people and cultural heritage as the foremost and serve the society”. With its magnificent architecture, abundant exhibitions, advanced technology and complete functions, the Capital Museum contributes to Beijing’s standing as a famous historical and cultural city, a cultural centre and an international metropolis and ranks among the first class museums both at home and abroad. >>More


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