This incredible tower is the tallest building on China’s mainland (421m). Its design combines traditional Chinese and gothic architecture. If you are not afraid of heights, going to the top of the Jinmao Tower is an interesting experience. Viewing from the dizzying heights of the 88th floor in the evening, you will have an illusion that Shanghai is a glittering light ball. On the 87th floor, a bar, the Cloud Nine, gives you the feeling of being in the clouds – sometimes there is no view at all because you’re surrounded by them.The luxurious Grand Hyatt hotel, with 555 rooms, occupies the Jinmao Tower’s 53rd to 87th floors. Offices on the lower 52 floors have a capacity for about 10,000 people. Besides the Grand Hyatt and offices, luxury-brand shops, restaurants and relaxing coffee houses occupy the Jinmao Tower. This superb building represents the new Shanghai: young, vibrant, and inspirational.