Resembling a gigantic bottle opener, the Shanghai World Financial Center stands as one of the world’s tallest buildings, glittering majestically on the skyline. Competing with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower for the best bird’s-eye views, this structure touts an array of digital Shanghai depictions that illustrate the city’s rapid evolution. And that’s just at the bottom floor. Take the 49-second elevator, which is one of the fastest in the world, to the 94th and 97th floors where you’ll be treated to a jaw-dropping urban panorama. However, the true highlight is on the 100th floor. Here, the Sky Walk – the world’s highest observatory – allows guests to marvel at this Chinese metropolis from 1,555 feet above ground. 

Recent visitors loved the views from the top of the Shanghai World Financial Center, but said those afraid of heights shouldn’t try to conquer their fear here. Aside from the glass walkway, the 94th and 97th floor vantage points feature floor-to-ceiling windows, with the latter also having ceiling windows. Travelers also strongly suggested going a clear day if possible, as those who went on overcast or smoggy days were disappointed.