Dukezong Old Town was once the biggest and best-preserved Tibetan residents in China. It was the transportation hub of the Ancient Tea Route. It is located in Shangri-la county. It has a history of over 1300 years and a center of economy and culture among Tibet, Yunnan and Sishuan. Book a Yunnan Local Tour
The name Dukezong in Tibetan language has two meanings: one is a castle built on the rock, the other is moonlight city. When the old town was being built, they obtained raw material locally. There is a kind of white clay being used to paint the outer wall. Therefore, the residents paint all the outer walls in white. The style still remains today. In the night, the moonlight shines on the white walls, which makes the town more charming.

Unfortunately, a big fire swept the old town on January 11th, 2014. Though the fire was put out, over 100 houses were burnt down in the fire. About one third of the old town was in ruins, including the most flourishing part of the town, such as the Square Street. It is estimated that the fire cost a economic loss of over 100 million RMB.

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  1. Rachel Witt

    has this city been affected by the recent earthquakes?

  2. admin

    no, Dukezong Old Town was not affected by the Nepal earthquake.

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