Pudacuo National Park covers an area of 300 square kilometers and the natural landscape is well preserved. The park is a major part of Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas, which is inscribed in the World Heritage List. Pudacuo is made up of two parts, which are Bita Lake and Dushu Lake. The altitude of the scenic area is between 3500 meters and 4159 meters.  Pudacuo National Park covers almost all the plateau landscape. There are lakes as clear as glass, lush grass and beautiful flowers everywhere and animals in forests. Whoever come here will be impressed by its amazing landscape. It is a must-see attraction in Shangri-la.
The best time to visit Shangri-La is from May to October. In late May and June, the rhododendrons be in full bloom all over the mountains and plains. There will be a sea of flowers. In autumn, tourists will enjoy picturesque scenery. Book a Yunnan Local Tour

Ticket fare: CNY258 including entrance fee CNY138 and tourist bus fee CNY120
Opening hours: 8:00-16:00 from November to March next year
8:00-17:00 from April to October

How to get there
There are buses available from Shangri-la Bus Station. Depart at 9:30 at the bus station and return from Pudacuo at 15:00. The bus schedule may change, please consult the bus station.
Some tourists would like to rent a car for a round trip. It is more flexible.

The Map of Pudacuo National Park

pudacuo map

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