Yunnan, home of 25 minority groups, is a province alive with colorful cultures and traditions. Its landscape is unique-a blend of majestic mountains and dense virgin forests. It is located in the Southwest China, which covers an total area of 390,000 square kilometers. The climate is mild in most parts of Yunnan, which makes it an ideal place to travel to at any time of the year.


Yunnan is well-known for its breath-taking scenery. Ninety-four percent of the province is covered by mountains which are dotted with green woods and fragrant wild flowers. More than 600 rivers run through Yunnan, such as Jinsha River, Lancang River, Nujiang River and so on. And between these rivers lie more than 30 lakes, most of them surrounded by majestic mountains. People who come here can also enjoy the terraces, old towns, volcano, forests, grasslands and etc. The land is totally a masterpiece of nature. The following are a few destinations which represent the essence of Yunnan. Book a Yunnan Tour
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Yunnan History
Yunnan Province is one of mankind’s birthplaces. As early as 1.7 million years ago Yuanmou Man, known for his use of stone implements, lived in the region. By the time of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Warring States and the West Han Dynasty, the region was known for its great progress in agricultural production and for the high quality of its bronze wars. >>more

Yunnan Local Food

Yunnan Cuisine, though not yet well known in the West, is one of the best regional eating experiences in China. Many dishes borrow hot, spicy flavors from neighboring Sichuan. Others, influenced by periodic migrations provinces such as Jiangsu,Zhejiang and Guangdong, reflect the subtle, rounded taste of eastern and southeast Chinese cuisine. >>more


stone forest

Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan Province and the transportation hub. The Stone Forest is a must-see attraction for whoever come to Kunming. For most tourists who would like to visit other cities in Yunnan, such as Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbanna and etc, will arrive at Kunming first. >>more



The history of Dali dates back to over one thousand years ago. Dali Old Town, a World Heritage Site, is a place to learn and experience ancient Dali. If you want to learn more about local life of Bai Minority, then Xizhou and Zhoucheng are your best choice. >>more



Lijiang, one of the most popular old towns in China, is a place full of imagination and romance in many people’s mind. It is actually a place to enjoy the sunshine and relax oneself.  Maybe there are a thousand Lijiangs in a thousand people’s eyes. You have to see for yourself. >>more



Shangri-La has become well-known since the publish of the famous novel “Lost Horizon”. As it is described in the novel, it is a land of idyllic beauty. The rich natural resources and unique local culture make it a perfect tourist destination. >>more


yuanyang terrace

Yuanyang is famous for its amazing Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, which has been inscribed as a cultural landscape of World Heritage Site. The terrace of Yuanyang is a masterpiece of man-made work combined with nature. The history of Hani people using a terrace field for farming can dates back to over one thousand years ago. >>more



Xishuangbanna is quite different from other places in Yunnan. It is famous for its tropical climate, biodiversity, rain forest and Buddhism. The Water-splashing Festival has attracted more and more visitors to enjoy the local atmosphere of Dai People. >>more


yuanmou earth forest

People may have heard about the big discovery of Yuanmou Man, but few have known about Yuanmou Earth Forest. Earth forest is a natural landscape composed of earth columns or pillars forming like immense forest. The unique landscape was formed by geological movement and soil erosion one or two million years ago. >>more

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