Tianjin, located at the seaside of Bohai Sea, is the biggest coastal city in North China. It is also one of the 4 municipality cities of China. Tianjin International Home Port is one of the biggest ports in China. It is the destination of many international cruise liners, such as the Diamond Princess, Volendam, Nautica, Voyager of the Seas and etc. Some tourists would like to stay in Tianjin for 1 or 2 days; some tourists will go to Beijing directly. Book a Beijing transfer service. Tianjin is located on the southeast of Beijing, which is about 120km away from the capital.


The history of Tianjin
It was a sea at the location of Tianjin 4000 years ago. Then the land began to appearance. The Yellow River ran into the sea through Tianjin in the Northern Song Dynasty. Then the river changed its route to Shandong Province. The city is named Tianjinwei in the year of 1400 in Ming Dynasty.

Attractions in Tianjin

Haihe River
Haihe River, literally means sea river, is a river running across the city. The scenery is very beautiful along the riverside, especially in the night.

The Eye of Tianjin
It is a Ferris wheel built on the bridge of Haihe River. In the night, tourists could take it in the night to enjoy the beautiful night scene of Haihe River.

China House
Here, china means porcelain. The house was built with a lot of precious statues, stone carvings, ancient china bottles, china plates, china pieces and natural crystals. It took 10 years to the finish. The house is a mixture of eastern artworks and western architecture.

china house

Italian Street
There are many buildings of Italian Style in the street. The square in the center is called Marco Polo. It is a good place to sit down and relax.

Tourists who come to Tianjin usually would like to visit Beijing, too. It is quite convenient to take a bullet train to Beijing from Tianjin. It takes only about 30 minutes from Tianjin Train Station to Beijing South Train Station. Click here for detail information.

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