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Q&A: 6 Days Tibet Easy Culture Tour
Asked by Özl** Date Added:
Question: Ni hao,We are planning to come end of March/beginning of April to tibet. We are 3 Persons (Adult). I would like to ask you how much is the price each person. We prefer more a "4/5 star middle/luxury class hotels". What kind of hotels do you have? Additional I would like to ask you how we could come to Lhasa? By flight or by train? Destination City? We are from Dalian,Do you also have a "german tour guide"? And how many people would join in a "group"? You can also contact me over we-chat: sunshine19821,Thank you so much in advance and greetings from Dalian,Özlem
For the 6 Days Tibet Tour Package you enquired, we have No group Tour Package available, and we have German Speaking tour guide available, but cost more than English speaking.
You are 3 person with German Speaking tour guide, the price is around US$1,500 Per Person.
And you can take flight from Dalian, or transfer from Xi'an, or Beijing.
You may have a look and let us know
Asked by Leona** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,6to7 days , 4star hotel ,shopping
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6 Days Tibet Easy Culture Tour
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6 Days Tibet Easy Culture Tour