How to Get a Chinese Visa

Are you planning your tour in China? Any foreign passport holders require a visa in advance of travel to China. An “L” Visa is issued to foreigners who comes to China for travel or visiting family members. Tourist visas are usually good for two months, but can be extended for an extra month at the Foreigners Section of the public Security Bureau in each big city in China. If you want to continue traveling in China for more than three months, you will have to leave the country, get a new visa, and come back.
There is no visa-on-arrival provision except in extraordinary cases. Chinese visa policy is strictly enforced, and a penalty of RMB 500 per day is imposed for overstaying.

Visa Types
Basically there are four kinds of visa most frequently issued:
L Visa–Tourist visa. Issued for visiting China, sightseeing, family visits or other private matters.
F Visa–Visit visa. Issued to those coming to China to conduct business (giving a lecture, undertaking research…)
Z Visa–Work Visa. Issued for the holder to work full-time in China.
X Visa–Student visa. Issued to those coming to China to study for longer than 6 months.

Where to apply for your China visa
You are mainly requested to go to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country for visa application in person or use a visa service.
1) First search the official website of the Chinese embassy in your home country.
2) Study the requirements for the visa application.
3) Contact Chinese embassy by email or on phone.
4) Prepare for personal documents for the allication.
5) Pay the visa fee and wait for your Chinese visa.
Official visa service web:

How to apply for Chinese tourist visa
To get Chinese tourist visa, you must offer the documents below to the Chinese emabssy or consulate in your home country. Your valid passport which must have at least six months of remaining validity with at least two visa pages.

1) China bound air-tickets
2) China Hotel confirmation
3) Tour Confirmation letter from a local travel agency in China
4) Other requirements

Visa renewal or Extension
The agency in charge of visa matters inside China is the Public Security Bureau (PSB). If you lose your passport in China, or you are going to extend your , you should turn to the PSB.

Please visa renewal, please contact the Entry & Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau if you have more questions.
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  1. stepan oberreiter June 8, 2016

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    If you book a tour form us, we will give you an invitation letter.

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  4. Patrick Balinda July 10, 2016

    Need to know wheither your agency can provide invitation letter.

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    Only if you book a tour with us, we can provide a invitation letter. For details please email us.

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    It depends. You’d better contact our tour operator.

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    If you book a tour with us , then you can get an invitation letter.

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    want to visit China for tourism purpose along with my wife. it will be about 8-10 days tour. can you arrange for the same. i will apply for visa from india. i have visited the country in the past thrice for official purpose.

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    First you need to book tours from us, then you can ask for an invitation letter from us.

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