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Shichahai Scenic Area is area consists of several attractions. There are so many places to explore in Shichahai: the Bell and Drum Tower, Prince Gong’Mansion, Yandai Xiejie, Yinding Bridge, Beijing Hutongs.

Shichahai consists of three parts: Qianhai(front lake),Houhai(Back Lake) and Xihai(West Lake). Sometimes people may refer to Shichahai as Houhai.
In the daytime, you can take a rickshaw to go though the narrow hutongs or visit the famous attractions and enjoy the beautiful sceneries with clear waters and green trees.

There is a street called Yandaixiejie is a commerical with several hundred years’ history. Yandaixiejie, literally means Tobacco Pipe Street. It sold tobacco and pipes in Qing Daynasty. Now, it has become a commerical street selling some special Chinese goods.

You can either walk or rent a bicycle to go through the areas. Rickshaw is part of Beijing feature. You can take a rickshaw to go through the narrow hutongs.



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