Beijing Tour Itinerary Sample

As a city with a 3000 years’ history, Beijing has a lot to explore. This city was the capital of ancient China for several dynasties. And now, it is the capital of People’s Republic of China. It has taken on a new look with both tradition and modernity. If you would like to spend a few days in Beijing, there are a few attractions that you cannot miss.

Jinshanling Great Wall

This page is about how to make a Beijing tour itinerary. I am going to give you a Beijing tour itinerary sample based on the unique feature of Beijing and popularity of the attractions. It is only for your reference. You could make your own itinerary based on your preference.

Day 1  Mutianyu Great Wall, Dingling Tomb, Olympic Stadiums


The Great Wall is a must-see attraction in China. Mutianyu Great Wall is less touristy than Badaling Great Wall. Dingling Tomb is the only tomb has been excavated among the 13 Ming Tombs. They are both located to the north of the downtown. You can visit the night scene of the Bird’ Nest and Water Cube on the way back to the downtown.


Mutianyu Great Wall is about 80km away from the downtown. Dingling Tomb is near the Mutianyu Great Wall. On the way back to the downtown, you could view the night scene of the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. It’s best to rent a car, because Mutianyu is faraway and the public transportation is not convenient.

Day 2  Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace


The Forbidden City is a masterpiece of ancient architecture of China. It has been the imperial palace of emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Temple of Heaven is the place for the emperors to worship heaven and pray for good harvest. Summer Palace is the imperial garden of the royal members.


Subway is available for all these 3 attractions. For Forbidden City, take Subway Line 1 and get off at Tiananmen East Station or Tiananmen West Station. It lies between the two stations. Just walk for a few minutes. For the Temple of Heaven, take Subway Line 5 and get off at Tiantan East Gate(the east gate of Temple of Heaven). For Summer Palace, take Subway Line 4 and get off at Beigongmen Station(north gate of Summer Palace).

Day 3  Hutong, Shichahai Scenic Area, Nanluoguxiang Alley, Panda Zoo, Prince Gong’s Mansion


The lovely and clumsy giant pandas which is only inhabited in China is something that you cannot miss. You can watch them in the Pandas’ House in Beijing Zoo. Hutong in Shichahai Area is one of the most famous hutong areas in Beijing. Going through the hutong by rickshaw is a good experience. Prince Gong’s Mansion is the resident of Heshen, who is a prominent court official in Qing Dynasty. The resident is one of the most exquisite and best-preserved imperial mansions in Beijing. Nanluoguxiang Alley has become a new popular tourist destination for tourists from both home and abroad. It is also one of the best persevered residences in Beijing and is famous for its hutong and courtyard houses. The area consists of 16 hutong in shape of a fishbone or a centipede.  There are many unique stores worth visiting.


Subway is available for the above attractions. Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Beijing Zoo. Take Subway Line 8 and get off at Shichahai. You can visit hutong and Prince Gong’s Mansion. Nanluoguxiang Alley is just a station away from Shichahai by Subway Line 8.

Day 4  798 Art Zone, Sanlitun Village


798 Art Zone is a place where you can enjoy contemporary Chinese art. Also, there are some unique stores selling specialties. Sanlitun Village is probably the most well designed stylish and prestigious open air shopping centre. Sanlitun Village is delighted to welcome you to the new shopping, leisure, arts and entertainment. You will see many foreigners here.


798 Art Zone is located a little faraway in the northeast of Beijing downtown. It’s better to take a taxi or take Subway Line 10, get off at Sanyuanqiao and then take a taxi. Take Subway Line 10 and get off at Tuanjiehu Station. Walk west for about 1km, and you will arrive at Sanlitun Village.

Day 5  Confucius Temple, Imperial College, Yonghegong Lama Temple, Wudaoying Hutong


Confucius Temple was built in 1302, now it has become a place to get to know Confucius and show respect to him. Imperial College (Guozijian in Chinese) was the national central institute of learning in ancient Chinese dynasties. It was the highest institute of learning in China’s traditional educational system. The Yonghegong Lama Temple is by far the most colourful temple in Beijng with beautiful rooftops, stunning frescoes, tapestries, incredible carpentry and a great pair of Chinese lions.
Historically, it was a residence for Emperors Yongzheng and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. There are cafes, shops, boutiques and nightlife cafes at Wudaoying Hutong. The western style run into the traditional Chinese hutong.


The above attractions are all located near each other. Take Subway Line 5 and get off at Yonghegong Station. All the attractions are within a few minutes’ walk.

Day 6  Qianmen Street, Panjiayuan Market, Silk Market


There are many time-honored stores at Qianmen Street, such as Ruifuxiang Silk Store, Tongrentang Drug Store, Neiliansheng Shoe Store, Zhangyiyuan Tea Store etc. Panjiayuan Market is a place selling antique.


Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Qianmen Street. Take Subway Line 10 and get off at Panjiayuan. Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Yonganli.

Day 7  Tiananmen Square, National Museum of China


Tian’anmen Square was once the biggest city square in the world. It has witness many important moments in Chinese history. The National Museum of China is the biggest museum in China. Many cultural relics are on display. It is a good place to learn about China history.


Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Tiananmen East Station or Tiananmen West Station. The National Museum of China is located to the west of Tiananmen Square.

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