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Planning your trip before starting it will make your trip much easier especially to a foreign country. Travelling on an exotic land will make you feel strange and worrying as well as new and exciting. Therefore, it seems important to plan your trip and learn more about your destinations.

As the capital of China and a metropolis, Beijing is a city combines tradition and modernity. Want to know how to plan your trip in Beijing? The following is the answer.

1. Passport and visa required.

Before planning your tour in China, you should prepare a passport and a Chinese visa. Any foreign passport holders require a visa in advance of travel to China. An “L” Visa is issued to foreigners who comes to China for visiting China, sightseeing, family visits or other private matters. You are requested to apply a Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy or consulate in your home country. You will be asked to  prepare for personal documents and pay the visa fee. The round flight tickets from your home country to China and hotel confirmation will make your application much easier. Read more information about How to Apply for a Chinese Visa.

Good news for tourists who have wanted to come to Beijing but don’t bother to get a Chinese visa: A 72-hour visa-free for foreign visitors from 45 countries who have outbound air tickets and visas to a third country, starting January 1st, 2013. >>More Details

2. Book your international flights to Beijing.

You can book the flights to Beijing in airlines booking offices in your country. As the online booking service become popular, it is of much convience for you to book it online. Many travel agencis and on-line booking websites offer the flight booking service. Click here to book an international flight on our website. http://chinatour.net/flight/inter.php

3. Book your hotel in Beijing.

During your tour in Beijing, you will spend about one third of your time sleeping in the hotel. Therefore, it seems very important to book an ideal hotel. We ChinaTour.Net is offering you a hotel online booking service. You can check the hotel booking page on our website. http://chinatour.net/beijing-hotels.html  As there are several hundred hotels of different rates and locations, you may ask our tour adviser for advice.

4. Pack your package.

Passport and visa.

Credit Card. VISA and Master Card are the most commonly used foreign cards in Beijing. If you want to use other credit cards, you’d better inquire from the issuing company about whether they can be used in Beijing.

Traveller’s check and some cash if necessary.

Identifications and certicicates if necessary.

Daily necessities.

Click here to view a more detailed travel checklist.

5. Arrange your travel itinerary.

Beijing is a city of a long history and rich culture. There are many things to see and to do in Beijing. You can either choose a travel agency to operate your tour or you can explore the city by yourself.

The following are some useful information about travelling in Beijing.

The introduction of Beijing.

Sightseeing, attractions in Beijing.

Top things to see and to do in Beijing.

We ChinaTour.Net is ready to offer you a life-time tour service in Beijing. Click here to book a tour.

6. Arriving in Beijing and getting around.

As the capital of China and an international metropolis, there are a lot of people travelling in this city everyday from both home and abroad. Although traffic jams frequently emerge here, travelling in the city is of much convenience.

Beijing Railway

Beijing Subway

Beijing Bus

Beijing Taxi

Beijing Car Rental

Beijing Bike

Beijing Rickshaw

7. Beijing travel tips.

Dos and Don’ts for Beijing Tourists

Tips for Tourists First Time in Beijing

Chinese Table Manners

Travel Tips for the Great Wall

Beijing Traffic Tips

Beijing Useful Telephone Numbers

Click here to view more tips of travelling in Beijing to make your tour much easier.


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