When travelling in other countries, safety can be the No.1 concern among all the considerations. Generally speaking, China is a very safe country to travel in. The crime rate of China is relatively low comparing with other countries. Though pickpockets sometimes happen, serious crime against foreigners is really rare. However, it doesn’t mean that you should let yourself off guard. You should always be aware of self protection and pay attention to your surroundings.

Stay away from pickpockets
Always take your passport and valuable belongings with you. When in public places, such as railway
stations,subways,markets and tourist attractions etc, you should always keep your carry-on bag at your sight. Do not put your valuable belongings in outside pocket or somewhere easy to reach.

Stay away from low price scams
Never trust a person you come across who claim that he could offer you a budget price for taxis, hotels, tour service etc. Most of the cases, they are illegal or end up costing more.In China, the energency line is 110. 119 for fire. 120 for ambulance.While you are traveling in China, you are subject to its laws even if you are a citizen of other countries. Laws and legal systems in China can be very different from your own.

Natural disasters
As you know, China is a large country with a vast territory. Natural disasters do happen sometimes. The earthquakes, blizzard,rainstorm,flood,typhoon these common disasters sometimes happen in China.Some natural disasters are predictable, while some are not. Check the weather forecast before you come to China.

Public Security
Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau
Add:No.9, Dongdajie, Qianmen, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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