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Beijing is no doubt a shopping paradise. It is not because there are many international brands, but the traditional Chinese goods which is unique and can only be bought in China.

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Perhaps you have heard that you need to bargain when shopping in China. It is true but not in all cases. If you shop in large department stores or shopping malls, the price is fixed and you do not need to bargain. However, if you shop in Silk Market,Panjiayuan Market, you will need to bargain with the sellers, sometimes really hard.

If you want to buy silk in China, you could buy it in many time-honored shops such as Ruifuxiang Silk Store,Qianxiangyi Silk Store in Qianmen Street or Silk Street.

Silk Street is perhaps the most famous street in Beijing among foreigners. However, in old times it is a street, but now it is a department store selling all kinds of goods.

How to bargain in China
Bargain in China is quite a normal thing. It happens in small stores, shopping markets, individual stalls etc. It is part of Chinese culture. However, do not expect to bargain at large department stores, shopping malls and corporate chains. They sell products in fixed prices. Sometimes there will be discount in these shopping centers, you can try your luck.

So where exactly you can bargain? If the store looks like an independently owned business,then the price of the goods are very likely to be negotiable.

Usually, we do not bargain at restaurants and groceries. However, you may try your luck if you have a large group of people at an empty restaurant or you have bought a large amount of goods.


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