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Preparations before the tour

Flight and accommodation.
Visa and passport.
Daily necessities. Click here to view a more detailed travel checklist.
Check the local weather report.
Contact information of your friends and relatives.
Contact information of your travel agents if necessary.

How long to stay in Beijing
With its rich culture and long history, it will never be long enough to stay in Beijing. However, you can arrange your itinerary according to your schedule. If it’s your first time in the city and your time is limited, it is advisable to visit the Great Wallthe Forbidden CityTian’anmen Square and have a taste of Beijing Roast Duck for one day’s itineray. The Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace for two days’ itinerary. For three days’, you may add hutongs, Yonghegong Lama Temple, Giant Pandas’ House. If you plan to stay in Beijing for several days, there are several must-see attractions in Beijing for your reference. Besides, this city has a lot hidden treasures waiting to be explored.

Language Barrier

It is advised to bring a bilingual phrase book. If someone do not understand you, you can show him on the phrase book. Nowadays, Chinese students have been learning English since primary school. Young people may have a better understanding of English than elder people. Some high-class hotels and restaurants have staff who can speak English. Anyway, the language barrier is not as terrible as you imagine especially in Beijing. For tourists who cannot speak English, it is advised to book a tour through travel agents. With a tour guide speaking your mother tongue, your tour will be much easier.


There are many hotels of different locations and star rates in Beijing. It is very easy to find a hotel in the street. It is suggested that you book a hotel online, because it is cheaper and room garanteed.

In public places, some Chinese do not wait in queue as required. They may jump  in the queue pushing or elbowing each other especially in places such as railway stations and other crowded places.

Things you may not get used to

The toilet paper is offered in most hotels. However,there are no toilet paper in public restrooms  in China. Get used to it and prepare your own toilet  paper when you are out.

In China, the cars are moving on the right side of the road and the driver sits on the left. Pay attention when you cross the road.

When Chinese people have meal, they like to share the dishes with each other instead of eating in one’s own plate. If you do not like it, just tell them you’ll do it yourself politely. Chinese people use chopsticks to have meal. If you are not used to that, ask for a spoon or fork.


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