2 Days (1 night) Mt. Huashan Tour Package without Hotel

2 Days (1 night) Mt. Huashan Tour Package without Hotel
  • Enjoy a hassle-free journey with a local professional English speaking tour guide.
  • Flexible time for pick-up and drop-off service with an air conditioned vehicle driven by an experienced driver.
  • Enjoy a fabulous sunrise on the East Peak,which is an excellent spot for watching the sun rising from the sea of clouds.
  • Experience a thrilling hiking in Mount Hua,which is renowned for its steep hiking trails as one of the five sacred mountains of China.

  2 Days
  Private Tour
  Depart everyday
  No Shopping
Itinerary Summary

This route allows you to experience the unique features of Mount Hua and leaves you with unforgettable memories of the scenic spots. On the first day, we will hike up to Mount Hua to enjoy the joy of hiking and explore the majesty of the Mount Hua with precipitousness. On the second day, we will watch the sunrise on the top of the East Peak——an excellent spot to watch the sunrise, which will definitely bring you an exciting journey.

Day 1   Mount Hua Hiking

After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel, and then drive to  Mount Hua, which takes about two hours on the way.

After arriving at the foot of the Mt.Hua, you can prepare to go hiking.You will begin the hiking journey from Yuquan Temple and then leave for the Huixin Rock.The distance to the Huixin Rock is easy to climb, which allows you to enjoy the scenery alongside the road. When it comes to the Thousands Feet and the Bai Chi Gorge, Mount Hua begins to show its precipitousness so that you have to go sightseeing and climb carefully at the same time.It will take about 2 hours to reach the North Peak. Or you can choose to take the cable car to reach the North Peak with the extra fee paid by yourself.The cable car may cost about 10 minutes and hiking may cost about half an hour.

If you need to have lunch before going hiking, you can ask your tour guide to take you to the local restaurant and help you order the meal, but the meal is needed to pay for by yourself. If you have brought your own food, you can take a break and then climb the mountain directly.

Then you can set out to the East Peak after a break for sightseeing.Then you will spend the whole night on the Mount Hua. You can stay in a hotel on the mountain at night or you can choose to camp on the mountain according to your needs,but it is necessary to keep warm because the temperature at the top of the mountain is relatively low.

Mount Hua

Travel Tips

Before hiking, you are expected to pack enough food with you to replenish your energy, and also bring enough water to replenish the water lost during mountain climbing.

There are five peaks: the Sunrise Peak(the East Peak), the Lotus Flower Peak(the West Peak),the Jade Maiden Peak(the Central Peak),the Wild Goose-Landing Peak(the South Peak),the Cloud Terrace Peak(the North Peak). From a distance, these five peaks look like a lotus flower among the mountains, hence the name of Mount Hua (Hua means flowers in Chinese).

the Sunrise Peak(朝阳峰)

the Lotus Flower Peak(莲花峰)

Scenic spots:

East Peak(also called the Sunrise Peak), it is the best place to see the sunrise;
West Peak (also called the Lotus Flower Peak), because of the a huge flower-shaped rock which stands in front of Cuiyun Temple;
the Central Peak (also called the Jade Maiden Peak). Legend has it that the daughter of the King Mu of the Spring and Autumn Period in the history was moved by the tune played by Xiao Shi, therefore she decided to gave up her luxurious palace life at last and flew here together with Xiao Shi and lived a happy life since then.
South Peak (also called the Wild Goose-Landing Peak), it towers over all other peaks on the mountains and covered by pines and cypresses that provide deep shade;
North Peak(also called the Cloud Terrace Peak), it has only one hill that leads to the south with three sides disconnected with anywhere and it is fairly steep.

the Cloud Terrace Peak(云台峰)

the Jade Maiden Peak(玉女峰)

Day 2   Watch Sunrise of Mount Hua

Watch the sunrise on the top of Mount Hua. Before sunrise, you'd better start to go to the East Peak more than an hour in advance. The East Peak is the best place to watch the sunrise in Mount Hua. If you arrive there early, you'll have a favorable position that will bring you a different visual experience.The approximate sunrise time of four seasons are listed below and you can take it as a reference.

After enjoying hiking and a wonderful sunrise, the trip is nearing completion. You can prepare to go down the mountain.
You can go down the mountain independently or take the cable car down the mountain.

Sunrise Time In Mount Hua: 5:00-6:00(Spring) /4:30-5:20(Summer) /5:00-5:20(Autumn) /5:30-6:00(Winter)

Sunrise of Mount Hua

At the end of the journey,you’ll be transferred back to Xi’an downtown. If you intend to extend your stay in the evening, we could offer you a abundance of activity options BELOW.

 Optional Activities

Cycle on the Ancient City Wall

Tang Dynasty Dance Show

Xi'an Dumpling Dinner


1. Pick-up from the airport on the day of trip is 100 RMB per person, at least two people are available. Pick-up from the train station on the day of trip is 80 RMB per person, at least two people are available.
2. Accommodation: There are hotels available on the mountain. The prices are different in different seasons. You can contact us to book a hotel, but the price is not included.
3. There is no water for bath, no breakfast,lunch or dinner. If you like this itinerary, please prepare enough food by yourself.
4.Children:Child taller than 1.1 meter will be charged full price, child smaller than 1.1 meter will be charged half price.

 Price Including
  • Pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel.
  • Air-conditioned vehicle (car or van).
  • Entrance tickets of the attractions as listed.
  • English-speaking tour guide.
 Price Excluding
  • Optional Tips for the tour guide.
  • Optional cable car fee of Huashan.
  • Meals and accommodation.
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