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Suggested Itinerary for Mountain Hua Independent Travel

This is a self-guided travel guide for Mount Hua, which will provide you with a lot of travel tips so that you can travel to Mount Hua smoothly even if without a tour guide.

Transportation: If you travel from Xian to Mountain Hua, we recommend that you take the high-speed train from Xi'an North to Huashan North (click to book the train ticket), the high speed train only need 30 minutes (speed = 300KM/hour, and many trains between these two cities). You'd better catch the morning trains which depart before 9:00am if you want to come back in the same day.

After arriving at the Huashan Railway Station, you can take a taxi to Huashan Entrance, Huashan Visitor Center (aournd 10 minutes drive, around 20-30 CNY taxi fee.

the North Peak

Main road form North Peak to Central Peak

Itinerary Summery: We suggest go up from North Peak by cable car, and hike the 4 main peaks: North, Central, South and West peaks, and finally go down by West Peak cable car.

1. Taking the cable car up the mountain is considered to be the best way to go up the mountain. Because Mount Hua is famous for its steepness and there are five peaks altogether, it is best to keep your strength when climbing so as to enjoy the scenery on the mountain. You can take the shuttle bus to the cable car of North Peak go up, and then start hiking. Since ancient times, Mount Hua has only one main road, so after you reach the North Peak, you can start hiking along this road to the Central Peak.

Next you will reach the Central Peak (also called the Jade Maiden Peak). Legend has it that the daughter of the King Mu of the Spring and Autumn Period in the history was moved by the tune played by Xiao Shi, therefore she decided to gave up her luxurious palace life at last and flew here together with Xiao Shi and lived a happy life since then. It takes about 1 to 2 hours from the North Peak to the Central Peak.

Then hiking from Central Peak to South Peak(also called the Landing Wild Goose Peak), it towers over all other peaks on the mountains and covered by pines and cypresses that provide deep shade).It will take about an hour.

the Central Peak

the South Peak

South Peak is famous for its dangerous hiking trails.On the South Peak of Mount Hua, there is the most dangerous plank road in the world——the Plankroad in the Sky. In 2013,it was listed as one of the ten most horrible cliff trails in the world.Although dangerous it is, it still can't stop the adventurer's pace. If you want to take adventure, you can choose the Plankroad in the Sky as your next destination.

the Plankroad in the Sky

Then you can choose the next route to go to the Weat Peak (also called the Lotus Flower Peak), because of the huge flower-shaped rock which stands in front of Cuiyun Temple. From South Peak to West Peak will take about an hour.

Alternatively, if you have enough time and energy, you can choose to climb the East Peak at last. The East Peak ,also called the Landing Wild Goose Peak, it towers over all other peaks on the mountains and covered by pines and cypresses that provide deep shade;

the Weat Peak

the East Peak

Finally, it is recommended to go down the mountain from the West Peak so as to avoid returning to the same road, preferably before 6 o'clock to reach the cable car of West Peak. Take the cable car down the Mount Hua and then take the shuttle bus to the visitor center.

As for the return train, it is recommended to book the train before 8pm from Huashan to Xian.

Mount Hua Travel Tips:

  • It is recommended to take the North cable car up before 10:00 AM in the morning and take the West cable car down the mountain at 5-6:00 PM. It takes about 5-6 hours to walk on the five peaks during the hiking. It is recommended to bring your own food and water.
  • It is recommended to avoid the peak season of summer vacation from July 12th to August 20th.

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