Chinese name: 八达岭野生动物世界

Ticket price: CNY 90 for adults, 45 for children.

Location: South of the Badaling great Wall Center

Located at the foot of Badaling Great Wall, the  Badaling Wildlife World is the largest zoo of mountain wildlife in China.  It is more than 60 kilometers from Beijing, and is adjacent to the Badaling Expressway and the newly built Large Badaling Parking Lot. Boasting about 10,000 heads of wildlife in more than 100 genera, the Wildlife World is an ecological tourist park integrating animal watching, salvation and breeding, leisure and vacationing, popular science education and environmental protection.

The park is famous for its raising fierce animals in large groups in open areas. Animals can walk freely in the world. It contains 20 zones for viewing animals, two for visiting historical sites, four performances centers, one zone for enjoying plants and one for body-fitting activities. The Wildlife World has well-equipped villa-type guest rooms, and various kinds of restaurants. Along the tour routes, visitors could see the most typical animals from different parts of the world — the largest group of African lions in China; American white tigers; the commanding Siberian tigers; huge brown bears; small and cute Malayan Sun bears; the national treasure of giant pandas, golden monkeys and leopards; wild wolf family with clear-cut hierarchy, dominating macaques, African giraffes, gnu, Australian kangaroos, various valuable pheasants, blue and white peacock, black swans, red-crowned cranes and macaws, etc.
In the Wildlife World, visitors will have the chance to feed the beasts of prey and to have close encounter with mild and lovable animals. In the Fangzhou Square, visitors could take a break to enjoy the beauty of the forest and mountain, and watch the unique “peacocks flying down the hill.”

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