Wuling Mountain lies in the northwest of Beijing, Miyun District. The Wuling Mountain was selected as “the most beautiful mountain of Beijing suburb” by Internet users in 2007. Occupying 14,400 hectares, it was set up as the first state-level natural protection area in Hebei Province. At 2,118 meters above sea-level, its main peak is the highest in the Yanshan range. As the mountain is cloudy and foggy all the year round, so it got its name: Wuling Mountain. It is regarded as the Yellow Mountain in North China.
The complexity of terrains and landforms decides its variety of climate. There are 1,870 kinds of senior plants and 173 kinds of wild animals. It is a beautiful natural scenery with numerous trees, springs and animals.
There is the only natural reserve for wild animals and forests—Wuling Mountain Natural Reserve, the observatory with the largest astronomical telescope in Asia—Xinglong Observation Station, Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, and Liuliping Forest Park.

Admission Fee: 90 RMB
Open:15th April to 15th October every year
Address: Caojia Road, Xinchengzi Town, Miyun County.
Tel: 010-81022498,010-81021034

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