Opening time:9:00-17:00(from Tuesday to Sunday)
Entrance fee: Free of charge,reservation required.
Address: No. 126 Tianqiao South Street, Beijing.

Beijing Museum of Natural History was the first comprehensive museum of natural science in China. The creature development history that passed for the 3 to 4 billion years is now highly condensed in the nature museum.

It houses more than 80,000 precious items, which are displayed in the Halls of Paleontology, Zoology, Botany and Mankind Evolution. Its spacious galleries contain some fine specimens of fossils including various invertebrates, mammals, early humans, reptiles, dinosaur skeletons and eggs excavated in China. It also contains a large collection of minerals, as well as a fantastic display of naturally carved and polished stones used in the traditional Chinese art of miniature rockery.

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