Chinese name: 中国科学技术馆

Opening Hours: 9:30 am. to 17:00 pm., Tuesday to Sunday

Location: No. 5, Beichendong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

The museum is a national AAAA tourist attraction, a national patriotic education model base, and a national popular science education base for youngsters. It is a comprehensive national science and technology museum.

China Science and Technology Museum features permanent exhibition organized in line under five themes of displays, namely “Science Paradise”, “The Glory of China”, “Explorations and Discovery”, “Sci-Tech and Life” and “Challenges and the Future”, plus many public space display zones; these are also four special-effect theaters, i.e. domed theater, giant screen theater, 4D theater and motion theater. The museum is also equipped with a popular science lecture hall, a number of popular science laboratories and workshops etc.

The busiest gallery in the museum is The Glory of China. Check out ancient Chinese technological innovations, taking in the technology of looms, plows, iron casting and more. Kids can turn a life-size waterwheel and watch the powerful effects. While en route,  admire the sailing ship commandeered by legendary Chinese admiral Zheng He. Take the small wooden set of stairs adjacent to the ship up to the traditional Chinese medicine exhibit. There, inspect models of diseased tongues and acupuncture charts. Head back down the stairs and keep looping around the circular path to discover the astronomy exhibit, where kids can gaze upon the stars. After fulfilling their astronomical aspirations, head to the age of ancient scientific exploration. Experiment with Pascal’s Triangle, Tangram puzzles, and blocks. Don’t spend too much time puzzling these conundrums though, as you have three more floors to scale.


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