Shidu Scenic Area is 96 kilometers away from the city, in Fangshan District Beijing.There are ten river bends along each segment of the river, each of which has a ferry crossing area. Because of this, Shidu was given its name, which when literally translated, means “the ten crossings.”
It has the largest and most typical Karst valleys in north China. Dubbed the “Guilin of the North,” the landscape here combines the majesty of north China and the grace of south China. The scenic spots includes the Juma Garden, the Gushan Mountain Village, the Pudu Mountain Villa, the Cemetery of Martyrs (from the war against Japanese invaders at the Pingxi battlefield), the Fairy Dwelling Cave, the Donghu Valley, and the Xihu Valley. Convenient amenities make Shidu a very attractive tourist destination.
Tourists may also enjoy recreational activities such as bungee jumping, cliff parachuting, ropeways, rock climbing, river drifting, paddle boating, kayaking, surfing, motor boating, sunbathing and horse riding. To date, nearly 200 films and TV programs have chosen Shidu for location shootings.

Admission Fee:Free
Open:08:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m
Bus Routes: Tourist Bus 10 goes there directly. You can also take buses in Tianqiao and Liuliqiao. Take tourist Bus 10, a special line on weekends, from Qianmen, Fuchengmen or Xuanwumen
Train Routes: take Tourist Express 7 to Shidu from Beijing’s South Station. Railroad: South Beijing-Shidu, train numbers 7095, 7178, 7197, 7096 from Yongdingmen Railroad Station.

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