Sanlitun Village is probably the most well designed stylish and prestigious open air shopping centre. Sanlitun Village is delighted to welcome you to the new shopping, leisure, arts and entertainment¬†community, a fresh approach to shopping in Beijing. Here the Village¬† aims to provide you with an experience that breaks away from the usual mould of shopping conventions, offering a diverse mix of over 200 stores and counting, housed in a colourful and contemporary take on Beijing’s traditional hutong and courtyard communities.
The collection of stores vary from the instantly recognisable, to the unique and intimate, providing you what¬† you would expect, whilst at the same time offering something fresh and exciting just around each corner. They are also home to flagship stores in Beijing, as well as China’s very first Apple Store. They hope to cater to everyone and are very excited about what they’re able to offer you.

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