Chinese name:北京世界公园
Opening time:7:30 -17:00 (Apr. 15 – Oct. 31); 8:00 -16:30 (Nov. 1 – the next Apr. 14)
Entrance fee:CNY65

Have you ever dreamed about travelling around the world? Perhaps it is the desire of most people. However, the dream is difficult to acomplish for most people. Now, Beijing World Park can make your dream come true.
Beijing World Park is a miniature of over one hundred world-famous attractions from 40 countries.
The park is divided into five areas, which are named after different contents and regions of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Latin America. Taking a speedboat ride throughout the park can seem like somewhat of a ‘global voyage.’ If one takes a battery-operated car, they can sightsee around the park using a different route. The “Special Joy City Adventure” is a cinema with the latest technologies, and by visiting the “Modern African Exhibition” one can experience the beauty of early African cultures. From the month of May to October, the park holds various cultural activities with themes that are based on the cultures of different countries. While in the park, visitors can taste various foods from numerous countries and buy souvenirs that are emblematic of foreign cultures.

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