If you are going to sampe Chinese wine on a day from Beijing, it is worth visiting Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing, a French-style Chateau set in the countryside, about 80km in the northeast of Beijing.
The “houses” in the village are individual hotel spaces, with well-appointed rooms. Luxury accommodation can also be had in one of the chateau buildings. There are several restaurants/cafes, and recreational facilities including virtual golf and archery. Then there’s the vinyards, which are extensive. The castle at that overlooks everything is the home of the winery, where tours in Mandarin and English can be had of the cellars and facilities, which concludes with wine tasting.

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  1. Don Wyant

    I am planning on being in Beijing on July 3rd, 2017 and am interested in having lunch and a midday tour of the Chateau Changyu winery. Can I arrange with the hotel concierge or do can I make prior arrangements with you? Also please advise of cost. Please contact me for more details if required.

    Don Wyant

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