Admission Fee: Free
Tel: 010-6842 5851
Address: 45 Baishiqiao Road (bái shí qiáo lù 白石桥路)
Public Transportation: You can take bus No. 114, 118, 206, 211, 334, 347, 360, 362, 482, 601, 714, 804, 809 to Zizhuyuan Nanmen (紫竹院南门), and then you could walk to the Zizhuyuan Park ( 紫竹院公园).
Opening Hours: May 1-September 30 06:00-22:00
October 1-April 30 06:00-21:00

Located at the south end of Bai Shi Qiao Road and near the west of the Capital Gymnasium in Hai Dian District, the Purple Bamboo Garden is a mountain-water landscaped garden. As the name suggests, the garden has a large variety of bamboos, more than 50 species, with the most prominent being the black bamboo. It covers an area of 14 hectares, including three lakes and two small islands on the lakes. Five arched bridges connect the lakes, isles and main garden area and there are scattered corridors and pavilions throughout.
For visitors who are fond of bamboo and wide waters, Zizhuyuan Park is hard to beat. West of the Capital Gymnasium in Haidian District, this park is renowned for its bamboo scenery. Three lakes, filled with lotus blossoms, occupy one third of the area. They are connected with two islets by five arch bridges. Pavilions, corridors and bridges hide in the tall bamboo all across the park.

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