Black Dragon Pond is a popular summer resort located in Miyun County about 93 kilometers northeast of Beijing. Lying itself in a 220-meter high, 4-kilometer long valley, which is commonly called Gulu Valley. There are three waterfalls and eighteen pools in the valley. It is always appraised as being fresh, astonishing and steep. It is an erosion-type pool scenic spot formed by streams flowing in the valleys, also called Wheel Valley, it is winding and twisting, with steep cliffs on both sides.
There are many attractions in this area, such as xuan pool, Chen pool, Luoyan pool, Tongtian Pool, and three pool Falls.etc. Among them the Black Dragon Pool is the most famous pool. It is the deepest pool in beijing and the walls around the pool are smooth. On the south side, the pool is  in oval shape, while the north part has steep cliffs. There is a narrow gap in the middle of the cliffs. Two small pools hide themselves in the narrow gap. Tongtian Waterfall, hanging over a sheer cliff with a height of 50 meters, is another astonishing sight in this area. The cliffs are vertical and steep, as if being cut by knives.
The best season to visit the panorama of the pools is spring and autumn, however, if you come in summer, that will be a wise choice to enjoy coolness.

Admission Fee:45RMB
Address:Daguan Bridge, Shicheng Township, Miyun County, Beijing
Transportation:Bus 980, 987 or 970 from Dongzhimen to Miyun County and change to a
minibus to Shicheng Township

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