Located near the beautiful Yuyuantan Park and famous Diaoyutai State Guesthouse,  the Central Television Tower is  China’s third highest tower with the height of 405 metres.As a whole, the Central Television Tower is a modern and advanced structure with comprehensive functions like transmitting radio signals and TV programs, tourism, restaurant and recreation. The featuring architects like large trestle square, white marble veranda for the retreating platform, turret in form of palace lantern and the tower seat like the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest vividly present China’s traditional architectural style and the exquisite skill of modern architecture.
With high-power telescope, visitors are treated to a bird’s eye view of the entire city of Beijing from the 238-meter high outdoor observation balcony.
As national 4A Grade Tourist Attraction, the nightscape of the Central Television Tower is grand and elegant, and its magnificence serves as an important part of Beijing’s scenery. Overlooking from the CCTV Tower, you will be charmed by the splendid view as if all the colorful lights in the city shining only for you.

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