Hongluo Temple(红螺寺) is 4 kilometers away from north Huairou District of Beijing. It is covers an area of 8 square kilometers and integrates the natural landscape with manmade features.

Noted as the source region of Buddhism in north China, It is said that Hongluo Temple in north China is as the Putuo Temple in south China. There are three most prominent scenic areas here: Imperial Bamboo, Male and Female Gingko, and Pines Entangled with Chinese Wisteria.
Activities here:
April to June: Peony and Chinese Wisteria Festival
July to September: Summer Leisure Travel
October to September: enjoying the chrysanthemum and ginkgo
On the first to sixth day in lunar calendar: Hongluo Temple Fair.

Admission Fee: 40 RMB
open time: 7:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m
Address: No. 2 Hongluo East Road, Huairou District, Beijing
Traffic: take No. 936 at Dongzhimen Long-Distance Bus Station

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