JieTai Temple is located 35km west of Beijing and is only 10km from Tanzhe Temple. JieTaiSi takes its name from its famous Ming marble ordination altarc. This altar is nearly 5 meters high and is decorated with exquisite carvings. Jietai Temple consists of the southern and northern parts of buildings, each having its central axis. The main hall buildings face eastward. Surrounding the main hall are a number of courtyards containing rock formations and ancient twisted pine and cypress trees.

There are about 18 statues of arhats vividly  with various facial expressions in the Jie Tai Temple. The temple has ten old pine branches that point towards the heaven. It is said that under these branches, writers, poets, and emperors have engraved their writings.
The enormous white marble ordination platform is China’s largest and intricately carved with figures – monks, monsters (beaked and winged) and saints. It is located in Jie Tan Dian (Hall of the Altar of Ordination) in the far right (north west) corner of the temple.
Admission Fee: 45 Yuan

Address: Ma An Shan, Men Tou Gou District Opening Hours: 8:00—18:00 (Summer);
8:00—17:30 (Winter)
Transportation: You can take bus No. 921, 336, 959 to Ping Guo Yuan and transfer No. 931 and get off at Jie Tai Temple.

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