Tanzhe Temple is located to the southeast of Mentougou District in west suburb of Beijing and at the southern foot of Baozhu Peak, and has its name for the dragon pool and Cudrania trees on the hill. “First there was Tanzhe, then there was Beijing”, proclaims a sign at Tanzhe temple.

Tanzhe Temple faces south, mainly consisting of central, east and west buildings. The main buildings in the center are the Entrance Gate, Hall of Heavenly King, Hall of Great Heroes, Vegetarian Canteen and Vairo Pavilion. In the east are the Abbot Yard, Yanqing Pavilion, and temporary imperial palace of the emperors in the Qing Dynasty. In the west are the Ordination Altar, Hall of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Hall of Dragon King. There are total 71 brick or stone towers in the temple.

Admission Fee: 55RMB; 100RMB(Zen & Martial Arts performance)
Opening Hours: 8:00am — 5:30pm (summer); 8:30am — 4:30pm (winter)
Take line no. 1 (red line) to Pingguoyuan subway stop, transfer to bus 931 and get off at Tanzhe Temple.

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