Chinese name:七彩蝶园
Opening time:9:00-16:00
Entrance fee:CNY99
Location: located at the cross of Baima Road and Huosi Road, Shunyi District.(顺义区白马路和火寺路交叉口)
How to get there: Take 980 or 916 from Dongzhimen to Dulanzhuang(杜兰庄),and transfer to 25, get off at Nanlangzhongzhaohu(南郎中招呼) Station.

As a symbol of beauty, butterflies are known as the flying flowers. Nowadays, with the promotion of urbanization, butterflies are rarely seen in the city.
Beijing Butterfly Garden is the largest butterfly watching garden in Asia.Numerous specious of butterflies lie in the garden.It is a good attraction for a families and photographers hoping to discover a beautiful photo.
The best time to go is from April to October when hundreds of butterflies are hovering around the garden. One may also view the history of each kind of butterfly, which also is provided for guests to read while they are there. According the owner of the garden, butterflies from all over the world have a different history and a different set of characteristics during certain stages.
There is an interesting butterfly wing exhibition, in which butterfly wing pictures are created by using the wings of deceased butterflies. This place is definitely worth stopping by during the week or at the weekend. Enjoy a fresh cup of tea in the lovely garden and take a couple of lovely pictures as the butterflies fly around you.

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