Chinese name: 北京植物园

Opening time: 7:00-17:00

Location: Wofosi, South Xiangshan Nan Lu, Haidian District, Beijing

Located at the foot of the Western Hill, Beijing Botanical Garden the largest botanical garden in North China. The garden contains not only a great variety of rare trees and beautiful flowers, but also a number of historical attractions.
The gardens cultivate 6,000 species of plant, including 2,000 kinds of trees and bushes, 1,620 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants, 500 species of flowers and 1,900 kinds of fruit trees, water plants, traditional Chinese.

The hothouse exhibition is the highlight of the gardens.
The first room is filled with evergreens and members of the palm family.
The second room is given over to tropical aquatic plants, including water lilies and flowering taros.
The third room displays commercial plants and their breeding and propagation. Here there are specimens of the triple-leaved rubber plant, cocoa and coffee trees and the sugar producing sweet-leaved chrysanthemum which has been introduced into China from abroad.

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